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emotional language. >> reporter: another chapters, he titles dwarf. doctors told clinton brown any mother he probably wouldn't survive. >> when i was born my mom refused to see me for three days. she was scared. she thought and said that is my child and i want to take my child home. >> reporter: another chapter, downs syndrome. dierdre says she takes life with katherine one day at a time. >> i am lucky to have her in this period of time too. >> i'm lucky too. >> thank you. >> a long way in at exceptor 10, the book by this yale educated author takes an unexpected turn. >> why did you include crime in the book? >> i wanted to look at how parents love children who by some external standard seem like children who would be unlovable or whom they couldn't embrace. who would be the hardest to love? i thought, okay, how do you go on loving your own child when your own child has proved to be a brutal murderer? >> how do you love this child, dillon kleibold, one of the two teens responsible for the columbine massacre. >> can you say when was the last time that you spoke with tom and sue? >> i had dinn
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)